Автор Тема: Don't play Les Paul Becase Slash plays it  (Прочитано 833 раз)

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Don't play Les Paul Becase Slash plays it
« : Июня 06, 2001, 03:28:28 »
Don't play Les Paul becase Slash plays it, play because you
want the fat sound,

Yes Les Paul sounds very fat, because of the wood.  I played it for two years, the body made of Mahogany, so as PRS guitars.  It has that fat sustaining sound, GUNS Sweet child o'mine or Estranged, Gary Moore or Santana.  Les Paul only good for this kind of sound, I hate the clean tone of Les Paul, I think it's just meant for clean sound.

Well Eric Clapton, Richy Sambora and Steve Ray.  These
people show you how fender sounds.  There is no way
you can sound like Santana or Metallica playing fender.
You know what, Malmsteen and Eric Johnson are Aliens,
They make fender sound like something outter space.
I know it's not only guitar but still.  Well Malmsteen
uses wierd gauge of strings 08, 11, 14, 22, 32, 48.
Aa ha!  Eric Johnson has perfect pitch and he can tell
you what pickups you are using by ear.


Well I have Vai signature white jam, it just modified
Fender.  Made of same wood as Fender Alder, Ebony fret
board, and maple neck.  Evolution Dimazio pick ups.
They are hot man, damn loud.  Paul uses ibanez too, as
you know.  Basswood body and bla bla bla.  Maple
fret boards gives you nice shred tone.


Have you tried them, they active and gives high gain.
You want metallica sound get EMG pickups


They are too muddy for; I'm wondering how Jason Backer make
it sound so good?!!


    Different wood sound different, you know how wood             sounds, you know what guitar you want.

2.  Jumbo frets gives comfortable shredding feel

3.  Malmsteen uses stiff pick 1.14mm, Jeff Beck does not
    use any.  

4.  Malmsteen picks very soft, Steve Ray picks very hard,
    he plays (gauge of strings) 12-13.  He bleeds when

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« Ответ #1 : Июня 10, 2001, 00:19:21 »
I heard Malmsteen live. The sound was quite a fender sound. There was some technical problem and it was very loud. It was just a guitar through distortion channel of 3 Marshall stacks.
Even on the record it sounds quite "Fender". It's just that he plays with a very thick pick and very fast (relatively), I think