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Great Tone (reply to Vladimir)
« : Июня 06, 2001, 02:45:35 »
Well I have Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier.  To be honest
it's a very nice amp, it has sweet distortion.  I
also have POD.  I like it too, but only when I'm
recording.  As you know POD also has Rectifier sound.
It's nice when I'm recording but I really do not like
the sound when I turn it up.  Well It sounds funny, and
does not sound big.  I mean it is not powerful and it changes its tone in the cheap way.  How loud? Hmm... when I turn it up enough to jam with real drums.

It's hard to describe the sound but people do.  Tone
is very important because it's something you control.
If you can not control it you are in trouble, because you
will sound messy.  Some annoying noises will make you sound
awful.  Vai is really master.  Have you ever seen
Tender Surrounder video.  In the begining he plays a
clean tone.  You have noticed he use jazz finger picking,
which to the best sound technique for that particular
piece, by the way he holds his pick in his hand, when
he takes it out by slidind it with his thumb from it's
position.  I locate my pick in my 3rd finger. After he
takes out his pick his strums: (then puts it back)


But where he picks it, he picks it very close to
the bridge, (floyd rose).  It sounds like sitar.

Then he turns his volume knob up on his guitar for

He switches to his neck pick up when he plays this:

and etc.  It's amazing how controls the sound.
By doing this he sounds like an Alien.  

People spend years in search of their tone.  Why do
not you try to listen to guitarists like Van Halen,
Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert or Vai.  Well Eddie's tone is
brown as he describes it.  Malmsteen said Vai's tone
is muddy, actually I think Marty Fredman's distortion
is very muddy.  Sometimes I can not hear what he is playing,
on Dragon Kiss.  People say "look when did he record it" I say when Eruption was recorded.  Malmsteen's tone to me is
very clear and beautiful, but I got bored.  Eddie or Vai, dau, they never use the same setting again.  Paul's tone
is a shred tone.

Try to identify their setting of their amps and effects.  The way how Mids, Reverb, Treble, Bass or etc of the amp.
It's hard.  But it's a good training.  
I use to crank all of them up when I first started playing,
funny auu?


    Learn English go online READ.  It will help you to
    develop you tone, sound and buy equipments.

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Great Tone (reply to Vladimir)
« Ответ #1 : Июня 07, 2001, 23:18:14 »
Но самое главное это конечно РУКИ - их не заменешь никакими педальками.

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« Ответ #2 : Июля 05, 2001, 15:39:32 »
I know what  you're talking about..and i know wery well what real guitar sound is..
I'v got very nice guitar equpment..all tube..good speakrs .The problem is...i can't care this stuff to smoll clubs, cose i don't have the car .. Buy the car, - you can say..:))and secondary...if you know what is russians clubs, some plases hasn't any combos and some time you just don't have enough time for set up.
So i'm just looking for way to fix my problem, something smoll,mobille with good sound.
What do you think about BOSS GP-20?

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« Ответ #3 : Июля 05, 2001, 17:03:02 »
 A little correction: :)

     sl.       sl.          sl.

Oleg: Согласен!